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Yoga in Appleton.

✨Inspire to Transpire: January Yoga Challenge✨

* Restart: Week One~Establish positive new habits
* Resolve: Week Two~Set a new intention or purpose for the new year
* Renew: Week Three~Begin again and embrace each day
* Revitalize: Week Four~Reclaim your zest of life

A fresh start, a new day, a new month, a new year.  See the possibilities of beginning anew, shift your perspective, and live your life with authenticity and new insight.

Begin the new year tuning deeper into your intuition by getting on your mat more!  You will find that what you learn during the process (the journey) is far more beneficial than the outcome (the destination).  To inspire you a bit more, we are providing a bit of incentive with the opportunity to win a month of unlimited yoga.  Be sure to enter your name in the vase each time you’re at the studio in January.  Begin a new year being true to yourself!