Since my first life-changing yoga class to where I have journeyed now, it is evident the impact practicing yoga has had on my life!  For me, yoga is an outlet of creativity, enlightenment, and clarity.  It continues to inspire me, and I bring that inspiration into my teaching by providing you the tools for achieving better energy, balance, and release in your body.  My intention is to guide you towards what you may not know you needed. 

Certifications with Deborah Williamson of Wild Abundant Life including 500HR Yoga Teacher and Yoga Body Bootcamp.  

Yoga has given me a new meaning to connect with my inner silence and peace within.  It can be mentally and physically challenging guiding me to a path of serenity on and off my mat.  My quest is to share the importance of health and wellness through yoga and inspire a meaningful experience of peacefulness and enjoyment.

Certifications with Deborah Williamson of Wild Abundant Life including 200HR Yoga Teacher and Yoga Body Bootcamp.

Sandi Toppins

Lauren Quella

Our studio

We are community residents and established yoga teachers in the Fox Cities, as founders of Grace Under Fire Yoga, our relationship goes far beyond yoga and the community, we are also mother and daughter! 

Grace Under Fire Yoga inspires a love for health, happiness, and community; a hometown studio located in the friendly Midwest.  We welcome you to our classes which allow individual choice, promote body awareness, and explore authenticity.


The asanas (yoga poses) open the door to create a calm, uncluttered and peaceful mind.  Yoga, if practiced consistently, will strengthen your body and improve your well-being; however what you learn along the way will reach beyond the mat.  As you grow in your practice whether it's touching your toes or achieving an arm balance you will learn that it's not about the destination, rather the journey.  Ultimately, your journey leads to clarity and gratitude!

Grace Under Fire Yoga is for everyone!  With a wide variety of yoga class styles being offered, you are sure to find the right zen.  We provide a space of non-judgement with no pressure or demands.