I started practicing yoga over 13 years ago.  I was seeking release from stress and to better condition my body.  I fell in love with the fluidity of the movements and how confident I became in my practice as well as the strength, release and rejuvenation it allowed my body and soul to feel.  I am more energized than I have ever been before and am excited to provide the guidance and support for my students to find their edge and inner release bringing positive changes both on and off the mat.  The classes I guide will be energizing and uplifting leaving students feeling empowered and recharged.  I believe anyone can do yoga, as long as they have an open mind and leave their expectations at the door.  Yoga is a practice, it isn't perfection. Kelly is a certified RYT 500 yoga teacher through Empower Yoga & Wild Abundant Life.  She also holds certifications in Yoga Body Bootcamp & Yoga Sculpt.

Sandi Toppins

Melissa Benson's passion for yoga started when she felt the healing effects of yoga in her own mental and physical health.  She believes in and is passionate about the mind body connection.  She believes in the power yoga has on releasing emotional pain and stress, reducing anxiety, and improving overall wellness for those mindfully practicing yoga.  Melissa seeks to provide a safe, nurturing space to help students of all levels in finding moments of peace, connectedness, and calm within their day.  She looks forward to sharing moments of meditation and mindfulness with you during your yoga practice.  Melissa is RYT 200 certified through Grace Under Fire Yoga.

Kimberly Kamps

Yoga has given me a new meaning to connect with my inner silence and peace within.  It can be mentally and physically challenging guiding me to a path of serenity on and off my mat.  My quest is to share the importance of health and wellness through yoga and inspire a meaningful experience of peacefulness and enjoyment. Certifications with Deborah Williamson of Wild Abundant Life including E-RYT 200HR Yoga Teacher and Yoga Body Bootcamp.

Jess Fagan

Kelly Fochs

I used to think, "I can't do yoga.  I am not flexible enough or fit enough."  I was so wrong!  Discovering yoga in my late 40s as an out of shape couch potato has given me the insight to help people of all abilities develop stronger, healthier bodies.  Practicing yoga has transformed me.  It has made me happier and more fearless both on and off the mat.  I love to help people access poses, gain freedom in their bodies, stretch their minds and refresh their spirit.  My classes are energetic and playful.  Students finish class exhilarated and smiling.  I completed my 200 Hour Yoga instructor Certification with Deborah Williamson of Wild Abundant Life.  I am also certified in Yoga Body Bootcamp.  My full time job for over 25 years is a high school biology teacher.  I am a wife and mother of 3 sons.

The asanas (yoga poses) open the door to create a calm, uncluttered and peaceful mind.  Yoga, if practiced consistently, will strengthen your body and improve your well-being; however what you learn along the way will reach beyond the mat.  As you grow in your practice whether it's touching your toes or achieving an arm balance you will learn that it's not about the destination, rather the journey.  Ultimately, your journey leads to clarity and gratitude!

Co-founders, Lauren Quella and Sandi Toppins are community residents and established yoga teachers in the Fox Cities, their relationship goes far beyond yoga and the community, they are also mother and daughter!

Yoga has trickled into Kimberly Kamps' life since she was a teenager.  Dance lessons introduced the idea of yoga for her.  But losing her sister to cancer changed her life and inspired her to live in the NOW. She has learned to live more simply.  Through cooking, gardening, farming, environmental awareness and yoga, she has taken her health and wellbeing into her own hands; as well as the health of her husband and three children, and yearns to share what she knows with more people.  Yoga with Kimberly can be healing, strengthening, inspiring and releasing. Life is precious.  Live now.  Kimberly is RYT 200 certified through Grace Under Fire Yoga.

Yoga is a lifestyle for McKynlee, meaning she seeks adventure, peace, and learning opportunities on and off her mat. She is passionate about inspiring and empowering others to find and be their authentic selves. In her classes, she will have you sweating while smiling and feeling how powerful your body truly is! McKynlee will encourage and support you to tap into that power, find your edge, explore and become enlightened to new perspectives and insights. Wherever you are in your journey of life, your yoga practice can “guide” you to get through. McKynlee is RYT 200 certified through Grace Under Fire Yoga.

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Having worked in higher education and now corporate talent development, Cristi's mission in all aspects of life is to help others grow.  She believes yoga helps us become our best selves.  When we take the time to invest in ourselves, we show up better for others.  Cristi believes in building a class atmosphere that's both challenging and fun, where all are welcomed, accepted, and celebrated.  In her free time, Cristi enjoys continuously learning through reading, listening to podcasts, pursuing new experiences (she'll try anything once!), and building relationships.  Cristi is RYT 200 certified through Grace Under Fire Yoga.

McKynlee Stewart

Since my first life-changing yoga class to where I have journeyed now, it is evident the impact practicing yoga has had on my life!  For me, yoga is an outlet of creativity, enlightenment, and clarity.  It continues to inspire me, and I bring that inspiration into my teaching by providing you the tools for achieving better energy, balance, and release in your body.  My intention is to guide you towards what you may not have known you needed. Certifications with Deborah Williamson of Wild Abundant Life including E-RYT 500HR Yoga Teacher and Yoga Body Bootcamp.  

Lauren Quella

Cristi Burrill

Melissa Benson

Paula Dillon

Following a decade of experience teaching elementary education, Jess Fagan discovered her love for teaching fitness when she trained as a Pilates instructor in 2011.  She looked to expand her repertoire and find relief from neck pain and chronic tight muscles which led her to pursue yoga instructor training.  She emerged from this journey a healthier and stronger teacher and human.  Jess leads her students to find their innate physical, mental and spiritual strength through her dynamic and fun vinyasa flows.  No matter your strengths or weaknesses, she believes that you will find breath and movement on your mat in a challenging way that best serves you.  On the mat Jess creates a vibe of healing, strength and growth.  Off the mat she loves to cook, garden and travel.  Jess is RYT 200 certified through Grace Under Fire Yoga.

Established in 2017, Grace Under Fire Yoga inspires a love for health, happiness, and community; a hometown studio located in the friendly Midwest along the Fox River.  We welcome you to our classes which allow individual choice, promote body awareness, and explore authenticity.