Gentle grace/Beginner

Restorative yoga takes a gentle, healing approach to releasing deep layers of tension throughout the body.  We will use blocks, bolsters, and blankets to support and ground postures which are held between 5 and 10 minutes.  Dim lighting and soft music creates a peaceful atmosphere your mind and body will thank you for.  This class is open to all levels and perfectly suited for anyone recovering from injury, illness, or simply feeling overwhelmed. Please bring a beach towel or blanket, hand towel, and blocks if you have them for this class.

Yin poses work deeply into your body with passive, longer-held poses targeting the deepest tissues of your body including connective tissues, ligaments, joints, bones, and the deep fascia.  

In this basic level vinyasa flow class we break down fundamental postures and movements to prepare you for all level classes geared toward the beginner, but great for students with more experience looking to further develop basic postures. It is our intention to get you moving so you can feel the effect of yoga, but provide extra instruction at a slightly slower pace to help you build a solid foundation.

catching grace (restorative)

~ Grace Under Fire Yoga is for everyone!  With a wide variety of yoga class styles being offered, you are sure to find the right zen.  We provide a space of non-judgement with no pressure or demands. ~

yin yoga

* All classes are heated warm to a hawaiian like 80 degree,s yet restorative classes are kept closer to 85 degrees *

the yin to your yang

In this open level vinyasa flow class we keep the structure of the class simple enough for beginners, but suggest optional variations to engage and challenge all levels and abilities.

inner fire flow

This class will get you moving (the Yang side of yoga) with a gentle flow followed by holding Yin poses to wind down and release any remaining tension in your connective tissues like tendons, joints, and ligaments.

All Levels vinyasa

Vinyasa flow meets High Intensity Interval Training in this class which combines yoga with strength training and cardio resulting in maxiumum calorie and post-workout calorie burn.  See and feel the difference!


Fire up and feel the burn in this energetic vinyasa flow style class that offers building blocks towards advanced options and the like such as arm balances & inversions.  A more established yoga practice suggested but not required; however, an open mind is!

This class is all about inspiring a healthy habit to begin your day.  A great way to move, flow, get rid of any kinks from a night of slumber while calming your mind.  Then see how the rest of the day unfolds! Great for beginners or seasoned yogis.

yoga body bootcamp

morning grace (sunrise yoga)